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How 50 Days Changed My Life Forever

I committed 50 days of my life to becoming the best version of myself, and it changed my life in more ways than I ever could’ve imagined. Here’s how it went.

I started my Best Version Project 50 Day journey on November 4, 2021. I started the Best Version Project 50 Day Journey to facilitate the process of becoming the best and most successful version of myself. It’s not easy: the 50 day journey requires commitment, persistence, new habit formation, and mindset development.

The Best Version Project 50 Day Journey is composed of 4 manageable sprints created to elevate your personal success and intrinsic motivation. Sprint 1 is all about increasing your sense of self-knowledge. Sprint 2 is about positive habit formation. Sprint 3 takes your journey to the next level by upgrading your morning and night routines. Finally, Sprint 4 provides you with the structure to make an action plan that will help you become the most successful version of you.

Just a few weeks before I started my 50 Day Best Version Project, I worked a toxic corporate job where I spent the majority of my days genuinely loathing my existence. Really - I hated that job. My mental state was the lowest it’d ever been. Although I started my first Best Version Project in June, by not continuing the project until completion and pursuing a career that was detrimental to my mental health, I found myself right back at square one. It was interesting to be able to start the Best Version Project from such a low point in my mental health struggles. As such, I was able to see where the journey could take me in terms of mental health improvement. I also wanted to see if the journey would present opportunities to do more of what I loved.

Here’s a highlight of some awesome things I was able to accomplish in just 50 days:

  • I self-published my first book: check it out!

  • I traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina, a city I’d never previously visited!

  • I gained a new sense of self-confidence. Self confidence has been something I’ve struggled with my entire life, and now, I feel as if I’ve finally grown to embrace my physical and mental qualities.

  • I booked a flight to spend New Year’s Eve in New York City: and somehow, I managed to only pay $30!

  • I created a night routine that gave me the motivation to completely reorganize my bedroom. I was finally able to give myself the dream room I’d always wanted!

  • I created the Ultimate Vision Board Guide for success and made a motivating vision board wall in my bedroom!

  • I followed through on the commitments I made to myself and others, which increased my sense of self-respect and self-love.

  • I was able to spend two major holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, with my family: a first for me in over a decade!

  • My increased sense of self-knowledge made me realize I wanted to re-brand, so I decided to only wear five colors for the rest of my life (or… until I decide otherwise!)

  • I completed a 35,000 word manuscript: and I’ve never finished a manuscript before. This might be my proudest accomplishment to date.

While I am beyond proud of everything I was able to accomplish in just 50 days, my Best Version Project journey was not always easy. There were times where I doubted my goals. There were times where I didn’t meet objectives I so confidently set. I had bad days followed by bad nights. There were days where I questioned commitment, my drive, my passion.

While I traveled so much (which was awesome), I struggled staying consistent on social media. I also struggled to stay consistent with my every day routines as I was spending more time outside of my personal living space than in it. That’s why in 2022, I intend to conduct extensive research to create a Best Version Project Guide for Travelers, to optimize the practices completed by traveling women who aspire to become the best versions of themselves while away from home.

Over the course of my 50 day journey, I learned that no journey is complete without amazing highs, motivating middles, and sobering lows. While the majority of my Best Version Project journey was comprised of wonderful highs, I was also met with several dark moments. These dark days provided an opportunity to re-establish my commitment, deepen my sense of self-knowledge, and fortify my sense of self-confidence.

Lows are inevitable: they’re simply a part of the human experience. It’s how we get through these lows that define the next steps in our journey and shape our destiny.

My Best Version Project 50 Day Journey ended on December 24, 2021. By the end of my journey, my mental health improved exponentially. Beyond the absence of my corporate job, I truly learned what it means to live for me - and just me. I was able to accomplish decade-long goals, travel near and far, develop life-changing mindsets, and, ultimately, become several steps closer to the best version of me.

The 50 Day Best Version Project was a great first step in changing my life forever. Now, I’m taking on the task of completing the Best Version Project 500 Day Journey. I can’t wait to see where this year and a half long journey will take me, and I’m excited to bring every single one of you with me.

Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional, and no advice given in this article should be used to replace other legal, medical, or general professional advice.

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