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Here's How to Make the ULTIMATE Vision Board for 2022

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Yess bucko - you’re taking an important step in your journey to become the best version of you. Vision boards are a fun, easy, and powerful way to create the life of your dreams. Many people have heard about what a vision board is, but few know how to make a vision board that completely transforms your life - and fast! In this article, you’ll learn a basic overview of how to make a vision board that actually changes your life, in the easiest way!

For those who don’t know me, I’m Elaysia, and I help future world-changers become the best versions of themselves. In this article, I’ll give you some of the best advice on how to make a life-changing vision board in a fun, easy, and effective way! I’ve been using vision boards for the last six years of my life, and I’ve seen the amazing results vision boards create firsthand. My first virtual vision board was created in June 2015. Since then, I’ve created more than 30 virtual vision boards and two effective, physical vision boards. I’ve watched as many images I’ve pasted onto my vision boards have manifested into exact moments in my life.

Your initiative to learn about how to create an amazing vision board shows me that you have the drive and passion to unlock the best version of you. To learn how to make an AMAZING virtual vision board and learn allll of my deepest secrets on how to make an aesthetically pleasing vision board with fast results, check out my Ultimate Vision Board Guide!

Whether you’re new to the Best Version Project or you’re a long-time journeyer, I’m ready to spill the tea. Let's get started!

So, what is a Vision Board?

A traditional vision board (also known as a dream board, goal board, or a treasure map) is a poster board or cork board with a collage of images relating to someone’s ideal lifestyle. These days, there’s a wide variety of successful and effective vision board types, including vision board journals, virtual vision boards, and vision board walls. You can make as many different types of vision boards as you desire - don’t feel limited to choosing just one type!

You might be wondering: What’s so special about a poster board with some pictures? The idea is that by carefully choosing pictures relevant to the goals you wish to accomplish and placing them onto a document that you call your vision board, you will manifest those images into your reality. By this definition, the vision boards I have created WORK - and fast!

Creating a vision board is not supposed to be a one-and-done sort of activity! Your vision board should be a small part of a larger journey to achieve personal success. Each day, you should take actions that bring you closer to living the life depicted on your vision board. If you’re unsure how to structure your own personal development journey, the Best Version Project has a 50 Day and 500 Day action-based guide that shows you how to transform your life in a few easy steps.

Before You Start

I do not recommend creating your vision board on the first day of your Best Version Project journey, because you will not be ready. I explain the danger of creating a vision board before you’re ready in my free Vision Board Guide - download here!

Creating a vision board is about more than just cutting and pasting pretty pictures. It’s a self-discovery (and, depending on your beliefs, spiritual) process that does deserve your time, energy, and effort. Before you start your vision board, I recommend having a completed Goal Book, Personal Contract, and a first draft of your life mission statement. Having a completed Goal Book, Personal Contract, and mission statement will assure that you are in the right headspace to create a vision board that works for you, and helps bring forth the rewarding results you desire and deserve.

Here’s How You Can Create an Awesome Vision Board That Works:

How-To Create A Vision Board 2022:

Step One: Prepare

  • Decide what type of vision board you want to create, and buy the materials you need. A vision board can be as expensive or as affordable as you want it to be. You can make an awesome, highly effective vision board without spending more than $10!

  • Set aside a few hours to create your vision board; you’ll likely need a full morning, or a full evening. Create a fun, uplifting environment - make it a vibe!

  • Grab some friends, a partner, or a family member - or don’t! While creating a vision board with others can help create a fun, positive energy, creating a vision board on your own is equally as enjoyable and effective. I’ve created each and every one of my vision boards by myself, and I love it!

  • Your vision board will be most effective if you create it with your Goal Book in front of you to reference your written goals, dreams, and ambitions. If you haven’t created a goal book yet, using the D.O.T. method is a great alternative - I talk about this in the Ultimate Vision Board Guide!

Step Two: Find Your Visions

  • While there are many different ways to find images for your vision board, the traditional way to do so is through magazines. Search through as many magazines as necessary to find pictures that speak to you. Choose images that evoke a positive emotion and energy to you. As you select your pictures, keep in mind that effective vision boards include more than just the things you want to have - it’s about capturing the essence of the life you want to experience.

  • Feel free to cut out words, phrases, items, ads, pictures of animals, toys, vacation spots - whatever feels true to your vision and your best self. In this phase, try not to be too selective, as you will filter through the images you find in the next step.

Step Three: Categorize Your Visions

  • Next, it’s time to organize your photos into categories related to your goals.

  • You can be as creative with your categories as you’d like, but here’s some ideas to get you started: Health/Fitness, Relationships, Finances, School/Academic Success, Career, Family, Friendships.

Step Four: Arrange Your Visions

  • It’s time to put your images on the board! For this step, I recommend doing whatever comes naturally to you. I personally keep my vision board organized by category, and I use different quadrants of my board for my distinct categories. Some prefer to place their images and cutouts in whatever order feels right to them, regardless of category. There is no right or wrong way to arrange your board.

  • I recommend arranging each image on your vision board before you start pasting/taping, just in case you find that your board looks better if certain images are moved around.

Step Five: Complete Your Board

  • Finalize your vision board. Be creative! You can add stickers, pushpins (if you’re using a corkboard!), paint, glitter… whatever makes you feel excited and energized! Decorate your board in a way that showcases the originality of your best self.

Displaying Your Vision Board

You’ve completed your kick-ass, life-changing vision board: now, it’s time to show it off! I recommend putting your vision board in a place where you look multiple times a day. Putting your vision board in a place where you look often will help you internalize your visions and increase your motivation. You can easily hang poster boards by using command strips, purchasable from Target, Walmart, or Amazon. If you are unable to hang your vision board (maybe because of your parents, roommates, or other conflicts with your living situation), no worries - it won’t make your board any less effective. Just make sure to look at your vision board at least once daily to remind yourself of that visual image of your goals, dreams, and ambitions.

You’re on the right track to create your vision board the Best Version Project way - I’m so proud of you! Creating a vision board is an effective way to gain clarity of your goals, solidify a visual image of your aspirations, and make amazing changes to your life. With the right mindset, positive intentions, and the courage to take relevant actions, you’ll soon start to see the images from your vision board appear in your reality. To learn more about how you can take your vision board to the next level, download our FREE Vision Board Guide. To learn about how you can create a life-changing VIRTUAL vision board and access game-changing worksheets, instructions, and secrets to making your vision board the best, download our Ultimate Vision Board Guide.

I would love to see your progress and hear your success stories! Don’t forget to use #bestversionproject on social media (especially on TikTok and Instagram!) to show off your beautiful vision boards, and join our amazing community of journeyers from around the world.

Creating a vision board is a great step in the beginning of your journey, but it isn’t the only step, or the last step. Vision boards are a fun activity with great benefits for your mental and spiritual health, but don’t forget, the best way to make your visions come to fruition is through your own actions. That’s why the Best Version Project has detailed action plans and how-to guides to teach you to create effective routines, habits, and task lists to become the best version of you in a short amount of time! Click here to learn more about our life changing guides and start your journey to Best.

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