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500 Days... or 50 Days?

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

When I first started the Best Version Project in June, I introduced a 500 journey for people, myself included, who wanted to become the best versions of themselves. Now, I’m working on a 50 day journey to accomplish what seems to be the same thing - but with a fraction of the time of the original journey. What gives? Did I change my mind? Does the 500 day journey still work?

Here’s the absolute truth - to this day, I still love the 500 day journey. In fact, I love the 500 day journey now even more than I did when I first created it in June. I believe the 500 day journey can truly transform a person into the absolute best version of themselves by its conclusion. Even with that being said, I started experimenting. I wanted to see if by keeping the same logic and philosophies as the original Best Version Project, I could create a new journey where individuals could become their “best selves” in less time - because 500 days is a lot. So, I created the 50 Day Journey. Here’s the thing: I don’t believe a person can become the best versions of themselves in 50 days. I’m sure I know the next, natural question: If you can’t become the best version of yourself in 50 days, why start a 50 day journey?

Based on my own personal experience with the 500 day journey, as well as validation from research I’ve analyzed and books I’ve read, here’s what I believe:

  1. The experience of completing a smaller journey will give you an increased sense of self-confidence and motivation, which will allow you to complete a larger journey much more successfully. In fancy terms: The adrenaline and dopamine released from completing a goal will encourage you to pursue a more ambitious endeavor with more confidence and an increased likelihood of success. In not so fancy terms: If you can do a small thing really well, you’ll get the confidence to do a bigger thing even better.

  2. The 500 day journey is really intimidating for a lot of people who want to become the best versions of themselves, but are just starting off.

My goal is to help as many people as possible become the best versions of themselves, or, at the very least, a better version. A 500 day journey might be too intimidating for some individuals who would find a 50 day journey exciting. If I can encourage more individuals to work towards becoming the best versions of themselves by demonstrating a 50 day journey, and then a 500 day journey later - then that’s exactly what I’m going to do. The 50 day journey has different goals from the 500 day journey. I believe the 50 day journey is an awesome way to set individuals up for achieving long-term success. I believe it provides a foundation for success in a timeline that is reasonable for many. And I believe that by completing the 50 day journey, participants will become a better version of themselves as a direct result. I believe the 50 day journey will be great at what it does and has the potential to change the lives of thousands of individuals who would never try a 500 day journey. But in order to prove that the 50 day journey works, and it’s not all just a theory - I’ve got to do it.

Check out our 50 Day Journey to Success, our 500 Day Guidebook, and our 500 Day Excel Spreadsheet. All of these materials and more are available for Super Access members, and all 500 day journey materials are available for Premium Access members.

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