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What is the Best Version Project?

Becoming the best version of yourself means unlocking your full potential, doing the things you’ve always dreamed of doing, and becoming the person you've always wanted to become. The Best Version Project teaches you how to create your best life by becoming your best you - reaching the highest, truest version of your identity.

The original 500 Day guide was created by Elaysia Davidson after compiling a variety of research, studies, and personal development strategies outlined in over fifty different books, law of attraction guides, and online articles. Elaysia Davidson initially created the Best Version Project with the intention of accelerating her own personal life-reinvention journey, then later realized she accidentally developed a program with the potential to benefit millions. Now, she's made the Best Version Project her life mission.

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What does the Best Version Project Believe?

We believe that becoming the best version of yourself is the most fulfilling decision you can make, for yourself, and for the world.

We believe that everyone has the power to unlock their full potential. We believe in the magic of a world where everyone aspires to become their best. We value perseverance, hard work, dedication, visualization, and play. 

We believe that by starting with yourself - by becoming the best version of you - you can change all areas of your life in its entirety. As you strive to become your best, you start living your best.

We believe in you. 

Who is the Best Version Project for?

 The Best Version Project recognizes that each individual has unique life experiences and desires. That's why the Best Version Project is customizable and adaptable: your unique experience deserves its own unique journey. Accordingly, the Best Version Project works for individuals of various walks of life, gender identifications, religious affiliations, geographic locations, and economic statuses. 

We welcome dreamers, nonconformists, revolutionists, artists, truth-seekers, world-changers, and, most importantly, all who strive to do better


How many days does my Best Version Project journey need to be?

Your Best Version Project journey does not have to be a 500 days. Feel free to make your journey as long or as short as you desire - do what works best for you. It’s totally okay to start with a 50 day contract, then create a second contract when your 50 day journey completes. Our suggestions for the duration of this project include the following: A 50 day journey, a 100 day journey, a 250 day journey, a 365 day journey, or a 500 day journey.

Whether your journey is 50 days, 100 days, 500 days, longer or shorter, the philosophy behind the Best Version Project remains the same - our lives are better when we become our best. 

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